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Darters Perches and Relatives: Percoidei

Banded Archerfish (toxotes Jaculatrix): Species Accounts

Physical characteristics: Banded archerfish are silvery white and have five black bands across the upper sides of the body, the dorsal fin, and the tail. There is yellow on the fins. The body is broad from back to belly. These fish grow to a length of about 8 inches (20 centimeters).

Geographic range: Banded archerfish live in India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Habitat: Banded archerfish live in bays and the parts of rivers and creeks that are closest to the sea.

Diet: Banded archerfish eat insects and floating fruits and flowers.

Behavior and reproduction: Banded archerfish live alone or in small groups around shelter. They swim slowly as they hunt for food both below and above the surface of the water. Banded archerfish spawn in pairs and release eggs near the bottom. The larvae (LAR-vee), or young, float in open water.

Banded archerfish eat insects and floating fruits and flowers. (Illustration by Joseph E. Trumpey. Reproduced by permission.)

Banded archerfish and people: Banded archerfish are mainly used in aquariums.

Conservation status: Banded archerfish are not threatened or endangered. ∎

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