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Sturgeons and Paddlefishes: Acipenseriformes

Behavior And Reproduction

Sturgeons are active mainly during the day.

All sturgeons spawn, or produce and release eggs, in freshwater, so those that live in the sea travel to freshwater during the spring and summer months. Before spawning, sturgeons roll near the bottom and leap out of the water. Female sturgeons produce several million eggs, which are deposited over shallow, rocky areas for fertilization (FUR-teh-lih-zay-shun), the joining of egg and sperm, or male reproductive cells, to start development. Paddlefishes swim constantly, both day and night, and travel upstream in the spring to spawn. Male and female paddlefishes broadcast eggs and sperm over the gravel bottom while swimming in groups. Sturgeons and paddlefishes do not tend their young.

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