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Slaters Pillbugs and Woodlice: Isopoda

Common Shiny Woodlouse (oniscus Asellus): Species Accounts

Physical characteristics: The body of the common shiny woodlouse is egg-shaped, has a shiny grayish brown back, and reaches a length of approximately 0.6 inches (16 millimeters). It has a pair of long antennae.

Geographic range: Originally from only western and northern Europe, this species is now also established in both eastern Europe and North America.

Habitat: The common shiny woodlouse lives in almost any damp habitat, particularly in forests. It is usually found under rocks and logs.

Diet: It eats plant materials, especially the leaves of lime, ash, and alder trees.

Behavior and reproduction: This species cannot roll up into a ball for protection. They avoid light and seek out areas with high levels of moisture. They tend to latch on firmly to rocks and other surfaces.

The common shiny woodlouse lives in almost any damp habitat, particularly in forests. It is usually found under rocks and logs. (Stephen P. Parker/Photo Researchers, Inc.)

Common shiny woodlice and people: This common garden and greenhouse species does little damage to plants.

Conservation status: The common shiny woodlouse is not considered endangered or threatened. ∎



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