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Thermosbaenaceans: Thermosbaenacea

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NO COMMON NAME (Thermosbaena mirabilis): SPECIES ACCOUNT

Thermosbaenaceans are found in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the southeastern Indian Ocean.

Most thermosbaenaceans live in underground springs or in caves with brackish waters. Brackish water is less salty than seawater. Others live along the seashore or in underground caves filled with seawater. A few species live in hot springs at temperatures of 111 to 118°F (44 to 48°C).

Thermosbaenaceans living in hot springs eat blue-green algae and other organisms growing underwater on rocks. Other species are thought to use their brushlike mouthparts to sweep up small plant particles off the bottom and into their mouths.

Thermosbaenaceans usually walk, but sometimes use their legs for swimming. Males and females are known, but mating has never been recorded. Thermosbaenaceans are unique among their crustacean relatives in that the eggs are kept in a brood pouch on their back formed by the swollen carapace. The young resemble the adults when they hatch. In one species, they hatch before the sixth and seventh pairs of legs are fully developed.

No species of thermosbaenaceans is considered endangered or threatened.

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