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Tanaids: Tanaidacea

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NO COMMON NAME (Apseudes intermedius): SPECIES ACCOUNT

Most tanaids live in the ocean, but a few species prefer the brackish waters of estuaries where rivers meet the ocean.

Most tanaids live at a wide variety of depths on the bottom of oceans and estuaries. Many species live at depths of more than 656 feet (200 meters); some are found below 29, 527 feet (9,000 meters). A few species live in the open ocean as free-floating plankton. Still others live in the cracks of sea turtle shells, while others live inside snail shells occupied by hermit crabs. Other species glue bits of sand and other particles into open-ended tubes and live inside.

Most tanaids eat bits of plants, animals, and other microorganisms. Larger pieces of food are handled by the maxillipeds and passed on to the mouth. In some species, the smaller branches of the pereopods and the first pair of pleopods have special structures that are used to stir up mud and sand and strain out bits of food. A few predatory species use their max-illipeds and mouthparts to attack small animal prey.

Tanaids do not affect people or their activities.

No species of tanaids is considered endangered or threatened.

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