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Cumaceans: Cumacea

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NO COMMON NAME (Cyclaspis longicaudata): SPECIES ACCOUNT

Cumaceans live around the world in oceans, seas, bays, and estuaries to the deepest trenches.

Most species live in the ocean and brackish waters, but some are found in habitats where water is fresh for at least short periods of time. Many live on the bottom, just below the surface in soft mud or sand. They prefer habitats where there is some water current, but little wave action. One group lives on algae growing on rocks and broken bits of coral.

Most cumaceans eat tiny particles of plants. These materials are broken down into bits by grinding them down with grains of sand in their mouth or by using their mandibles to scrape particles off larger pieces. One group has sharp mandibles, suggesting that they might prey on microscopic animals.

Some species are an important food source for young fish, such as salmon and cod. These fishes are caught and sold as food for people.

No species of cumaceans are considered endangered or threatened.

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