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Bathynellaceans: Bathynellacea

No Common Name (antrobathynella Stammeri): Species Account

Physical characteristics: Males and females have a row of four spines at the base of the uropods. The spine closest to the front of the body is larger and distinctly separated from the others. The base of the seventh leg of the male has a clear, cone-shaped bump on the inside.

Geographic range: Antrobathynella stammeri are widely distributed in Europe, from Ireland to Romania.

Habitat: Antrobathynella stammeri are found in underground springs and all surface habitats fed by them.

Diet: They eat bits of plant materials and worms.

Behavior and reproduction: Antrobathynella stammeri are agile crawlers soon after they hatch from the eggs.

Antrobathynella stammeri are agile crawlers soon after they hatch from the eggs. (Illustration by John Megahan. Reproduced by permission.)

This species reproduces throughout the year. The young take about nine months to reach adulthood. Adults must continue to molt before they can reproduce. Adult males molt four times and females five. Animals in captivity live up to two years, probably longer in the wild.

Antrobathynella stammeri and people: This species probably contributes to keeping underground springs fresh and flowing.

Conservation status: Antrobathynella stammeri is not considered endangered or threatened. ∎



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