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Leptostracans: Phyllocarida

Physical Characteristics, Behavior And Reproduction, Leptostracans And People, No Common Name (dahlella Caldariensis): Species AccountGEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, DIET, CONSERVATION STATUS

NO COMMON NAME (Dahlella caldariensis): SPECIES ACCOUNT

Leptostracans are found in all the world's oceans.

Most leptostracans are found from seashores to depths of 1312.32 feet (400 meters), but one species lives in deep-sea waters at depths of more than 6,561 feet (2,000 meters). Although some species prefer open waters, most live on mud bottoms that have very little oxygen.

Leptostracans stir up materials from the bottom and filter out bits of food suspended in the water. Some species are scavengers and feed on accumulations of dead organisms that have settled on the ocean floor.

No leptostracans are considered endangered or threatened.

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