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Water Bears: Tardigrada

Giant Yellow Water Bear (richtersius Coronifer): Species Account

Physical characteristics: This species is a relatively large (up to 0.039 inches or 1 millimeter) water bear. They are usually yellow to orange with large black eyes. Each leg has two equally sized claws.

Geographic range: This species is found in the Arctic, Sweden, Turkey, Nepal, and Colombia.

(Specific distribution map not available.)

Habitat: Giant yellow water bears live on mosses in high mountain habitats up to 18,300 feet (5,600 meters) and in Arctic habitats.

Diet: This species is believed to suck fluids from the cells of mosses.

Behavior and reproduction: Giant yellow water bears can survive severe dehydration for up to 9 years. They are also capable of tolerating temperatures down to -320°F (-196°C) whether they are in the tun stage or not.

This species requires males and females to reproduce, but can also switch to parthenogenesis.

Giant yellow water bears and people: This species has possible uses as an experimental animal in outer space. They are capable of surviving high temperatures, vacuum, and cosmic radiation.

Conservation status: Giant yellow water bears are not considered endangered or threatened. ∎



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