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Myzostomids: Myzostomida

Physical Characteristics, Behavior And Reproduction, Myzostomids And People, No Common Name (myzostoma Cirriferum): Species AccountGEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, DIET, CONSERVATION STATUS

NO COMMON NAME (Myzostoma cirriferum): SPECIES ACCOUNT

Myzostomids are found in all oceans.

Most myzostomids live in warm tropical waters on the bodies of sea lilies, sea stars, and their relatives. A few species are found in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. They live in shallow waters to depths of over 9,840 feet (3,000 meters).

Most species use their extended mouthparts to suck up food particles floating in the water around them. A few myzostomid parasites eat the tissues or bodily fluids of sea lilies, sea stars, and brittle stars. Parasites (PAIR-uh-sites) are animals that live in and feed off of the bodies of other animals, often harming the host.

Myzostomids are not considered endangered or threatened.

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