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Gastrotrichs: Gastrotricha

Physical Characteristics, Behavior And Reproduction, No Common Name (lepidodermella Squamata): Species AccountGEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, DIET, GASTROTRICHS AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS

NO COMMON NAME (Lepidodermella squamata): SPECIES ACCOUNT

Gastrotrichs live all over the world.

All gastrotrichs live in water. About one-half of all species live in the sea between sand grains on beaches and the continental shelf. Some species live in the deep sea. Freshwater gastrotrichs live on submerged or floating plants, drift in open water, or live between grains of sand.

Gastrotrichs eat algae, other protists, and bacteria. Algae (AL-jee) are plantlike growths that live in water and have no true roots, stems, or leaves. Protists (PROH-tists) are one-celled living things that have a nucleus (NOO-klee-uhs), which is the control center of a cell.

Gastrotrichs may help beaches by eating washed-up waste, preventing decay and the odor that comes with it.

Gastrotrichs are not considered threatened or endangered.

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