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Rotifers: Rotifera

No Common Name (asplanchna Priodonta): Species Accounts

Physical characteristics: Female Asplanchna priodonta rotifers are 0.01 to 0.06 inch (250 to 1,500 micrometers) long, and males are 0.008 to 0.02 inch (200 to 500 micrometers) long. The shape is long in summer and baglike in spring and autumn. The hard parts of the jaw are large, curved, sharply pointed, and tweezerlike.

Geographic range: Asplanchna priodonta (abbreviated as A. priodonta) rotifers live all over the world.

Habitat: A. priodonta rotifers live in freshwater.

Diet: A. priodonta rotifers eat algae, other protists, and other rotifers.

Behavior and reproduction: A. priodonta rotifers produce sexual and asexual females. Fertilization takes place inside the body. These rotifers also may have a third type of female, which can produce eggs that hatch into asexually producing females and eggs that hatch into dwarf males.

The shape of Asplanchna priodonta is long in summer and baglike in spring and autumn. (Illustration by Joseph E. Trumpey. Reproduced by permission.)

Asplanchna priodonta and people: A. priodonta rotifers have no known importance to people.

Conservation status: A. priodonta rotifers are not considered threatened or endangered. ∎

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