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Monogeneans: Monogenea

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NO COMMON NAME (Dactylogyrus vastator): SPECIES ACCOUNTS
NO COMMON NAME (Polystoma integerrimum): SPECIES ACCOUNTS

Monogeneans live all over the world.

Many monogeneans live on or in specific hosts, mainly the skin of freshwater and saltwater fishes. Some species live in the bladders of frogs and toads and the bladders or mouths of freshwater turtles. One species lives beneath the eyelids of a hippopotamus. Another lives on the skin of squids.

Most monogeneans feed on the skin of their hosts. Some eat blood.

In the wild, the number of monogeneans living on an individual host is low, and infestations of these parasites do not usually cause disease. In crowded fish farms, however, parasite populations often increase uncontrollably, and the hosts can be damaged or killed.

Monogeneans are not threatened or endangered.

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