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Birds of Paradise: Paradisaeidae

Conservation Status

Four species of the Paradisaeidae family are considered Vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction, including the blue bird of paradise, Wahnes's parotia, MacGregor's bird of paradise, and the black sicklebill. Eight additional species are listed as Near Threatened, in danger of becoming threatened with extinction: ribbon-tailed bird of paradise, Wilson's bird of paradise, pale-billed sicklebill, yellow-breasted bird of paradise, long-tailed paradigalla, Goldie's bird of paradise, emperor bird of paradise, and the red bird of paradise.


Some female riflebirds decorate the outside rim of their woven plant and stick cup-shaped nests with cast-off snake skins. Researchers are unsure as to exactly why they do so, but one theory is that the snake skin is a decoy of sorts to keep predators away from the riflebird eggs.

Some species, such as the blue bird of paradise and the black sicklebill, are hunted for their beautiful, bright plumage and/or skins; others are hunted for food. The other major reason for dwindling numbers of certain species is habitat loss due to forest clearing for agriculture and logging.

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