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New World Finches: Emberizidae

Physical Characteristics

New World finches consist of buntings and New World sparrows. They are small- to medium-sized birds, with a short, conical bill, medium-sized legs, rather large feet, and a short- to medium-length tail. The bill's upper and lower parts can be moved sideways in some species. Most species have dull black, brown, olive, gray, or beige plumage (feathers), but some species are brightly colored in rich chestnut or pale buffy browns with white or black areas. All have wings with nine main feathers, although a short tenth may be present. Faces contain patterns of black, white, and buff, sometimes with yellow or buffy orange stripes. Males are generally larger than females. Sexes look alike in plumage in most species but are very different in others. New World finches are 4.0 to 9.5 inches (10 to 24 centimeters) long and weigh between 0.3 and 2.6 ounces (8 and 75 grams).

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