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Pardalotes: Pardalotidae

Physical Characteristics, Diet, Behavior And Reproduction, Striated Pardalote (pardalotus Striatus): Species AccountGEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, PARDOLOTES AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS


Pardalotes are found only on the continent of Australia.

Pardalotes inhabit areas of woodlands and forests, mostly living alongside eucalyptus (yoo-kah-LIP-tus; tall, aromatic trees) and acacia (uh-KAY-shah; flowering trees). They range from the wet coasts to the arid interior of the continent, missing only from certain small areas of the southern desert.

People and pardolotes have no special relationship between them.

The forty-spotted pardalote is Endangered, facing a very high risk of extinction. The species has been studied in great detail with regards to a detailed plan to increase its numbers that are confined to southeastern Tasmania. Other species of pardolotes are widely spread around and are not considered threatened. Their primary threats are from land clearing, overgrazing, and degradation and fragmentation of habitat.

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