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Fantails: Rhipiduridae


Most species of fantails are found in the rainforest most of the time. Yet there is a wide range of habitats where various species also prefer to inhabit. The mangrove fantail is restricted to mangroves. The rufous fantail of Australia lives mostly in the rainforest and wet sclerophyll (SKLARE-uh-fill) forest, Australian forests populated by plants with hard, short, spiky leaves, during breeding and nonbreeding seasons; but during migration, they are known to land in more open areas, even city centers. The willie wagtail enjoys the greatest diversity of habitats, preferring open areas, but found in deserts and city parks, as well. The only areas they do not live are the dense rainforests. Varying species might live in the same area, but prefer different elevations in the forest areas where they live. For instance, the sooty-thicket fantail lives in the low, dense thickets. Willie wagtails spend most of their time on the ground hunting for food.

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