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Vangas: Vangidae

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Vangas occupy varying ranges in the forested parts of Madagascar, a large island off the southeastern coast of Africa. One species, the blue vanga, is the only species found outside of Madagascar, it also lives on the Comoro Islands between Madagascar and Africa.

All vangas are forest species, and are found in all the major forest types of Madagascar, which includes tropical rainforest along the east coast, tropical deciduous forest (with a rainy and a dry, rainless season) along the west coast, and the so-called "spiny forest" (or xeric [ZEHR-ik] forest) in the arid south. Some species also forage in scrub.

No vangas are pest species, since they are confined to forested areas away from agricultural land and have little interaction with humans. In Madagascar's growing ecotourism industry, vangas play a starring role as symbols of the uniqueness of Madagascar's animal life.

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