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Bulbuls: Pycnonotidae

Bulbuls And People

People have been listening to the song and chatter of bulbuls for centuries. They are often prized as pet birds due to their singing. Some of these birds have had roles in folk tales where they live. In Ghana, West Africa, for instance, natives refer to the swamp greenbul as the "talky-talky bird." Children will not eat the meat of the bird due to the superstition that they will never stop talking if they do. Due to both abuses and diminishing populations because of capture for the bird market, the government of Thailand has required permits for owning the birds since 1992—owning some of these species is considered a sign of wealth and prestige in Thailand. Some have been used in bird fights. In 2001, five hundred captured bulbuls were found in passage to the south of Thailand.

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