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Ant Thrushes: Formicariidae

Physical Characteristics, Diet, Behavior And Reproduction, Conservation Status, Barred Antshrike (thamnophilus Doliatus): Species AccountsGEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, ANT THRUSHES AND PEOPLE

GRAY ANTBIRD (Cercomacra cinerascens): SPECIES ACCOUNTS

Antbirds are found in tropical and subtropical rainforests from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. However, the greatest number of species is found in the rainforest of the Amazon River basin in Brazil and the Orinoco River basin in Venezuela.

Antbirds live in damp, shrubby, forested regions and woodland areas in the tropics, including areas where the original trees have been cut down and new trees are appearing. Species in this family can be found from sea level to high on forested mountains, up to 10,900 feet (3,300 meters).

The ant thrush family is of interest mainly to ornithologists, scientists who study birds, and birdwatchers interested in ecotourism, travel for the purpose of studying wildlife and the environment.

Flying Through the Mail

In 1980 the Central American country of Belize featured the barred antshrike on its 25 cent postage stamp.

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