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Australian Toadlets and Water Frogs: Myobatrachidae

Australian Toadlets, Water Frogs, And People

For the most part, people do not see these mostly night-active frogs in the wild. They are also uncommon in the pet trade. Scientists are interested in the skin of many of these frogs, because it oozes a gooey fluid that may one day be useful in making medicines.


Organizing the species of gastric brooding frogs, Australian toadlets and water frogs, and Australian ground frogs has been a confusing chore. Some people lump them all together into one family, while others separate them into three families. Scientists have been studying bones, fossils, and other characteristics to sort it out. For now, however, this book takes the middle ground with two families: the Limnodynastidae for the Australian ground frogs and the Myobatrachidae for the Australian toadlets and water frogs as well as the two recently extinct species of gastric brooding frogs.

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