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Swifts and Hummingbirds: Apodiformes - Habitat

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Swifts and hummingbirds live in coniferous forests that do not undergo seasonal changes. They also live in deciduous forests where trees lose their leaves during cold or dry weather. Hummingbirds live in deserts, and members of both families inhabit grassland areas where there are few trees. Hummingbirds also live in wetlands, areas where the land is low and wet.

Tree swifts live in rainforests, areas where heavy rain produces abundant growth.

Members of all three families live in trees. Swifts sometimes make nests in chimneys and on cliffs. Some hummingbirds and swiftlets live in caves. In addition, some swifts and hummingbirds migrate, traveling to another area where food is more plentiful. The chimney swift lives in North America and spends its winters in Central and South America.

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