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Guans Curassows and Chachalacas: Cracidae - Physical Characteristics

beak brown short

Length in the cracids (members of the family Cracidae) varies from 16.5 to 36.2 inches (42 to 92 centimeters) and weight is 0.8 to 9.5 pounds (0.4 to 4.3 kilograms). The slim birds are long-legged with short, rounded wings and long tails. Though short, the beak is strong and lightly curved. The feet are similar to those of moundbuilders, with well-developed toes. Plumage (feathers) is black or olive brown to reddish brown, and white marks are scattered throughout. Male curassows of many species have a fleshy knob on the root of the beak or brightly colored areas of naked skin on the head.

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