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Herons and Bitterns: Ardeidae - Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, And People

water shadow birds scientists

Large colonies of herons and egrets attract the attention of people. Herons, egrets and bitterns were kept them as pets, and killed for food or their feathers for hat decoration. Herons often take advantage of habitats made by people, such as farm ponds, rice fields, reservoirs, city parks, and roadside ditches.


Black herons and many other herons and egrets sometimes stand looking into the water with wings spread in the shape of an umbrella. This casts a shadow over the water. Scientists thought the birds did this because they could see their prey better in the shade than in the glare of sunlight on the water. However birds also do this on cloudy days. Scientists believe the shadow fools fish into thinking they have found a safe place. When fish swim into the shadow of a big bird's "umbrella," the heron quickly snatches a meal.

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