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Blindskinks: Dibamidae - Behavior And Reproduction

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Very little is known about the living habits of blindskinks. They are secretive lizards, preferring to hide. Blindskinks live on the forest floor, often underneath stones, but sometimes A blindskink on the forest floor in Vietnam. (Robert W. Murphy. Reproduced by permission.) underneath leaf litter or moving about underground. They enter the earth through cracks in the soil or by way of tunnels made by other animals. In soft, loose soils or rotting leaf litter their slim body shape and rigid head allow them to dig their own tunnels. Blindskinks may take up residence in tunnels made by other insects or in the underground homes made by insects that live in groups, such as termites.

Nothing is known of the mating or egg-laying habits of the blindskinks living in Mexico. Little is known of the mating habits of the rainforest species. It is believed that after mating, the females lay just one egg. An egg may be laid more than once a year. The eggs are soft and somewhat long. Later they become harder and shaped more like eggs.

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