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Blindskinks: Dibamidae - Habitat

rotting dry beneath plant

Almost all blindskinks live in rainforests. Most species require damp humus (HYU-mus) or broken up, loose, rotting plant material. During the dry season these species of blindskink burrow beneath rocks or logs. The blindskink of northeastern Mexico has adapted to a wider type of living area. It is found in semiarid deciduous (di-SID-joo-wus) brushland and open scrubland, or areas with bushes and small trees that lose their leaves in dry or cold weather. This lizard also lives in desert areas, often near ant and termite nests. It also inhabits pine-oak forests. It has been found beneath rocks, in or under rotting logs, in loose litter, and in the decayed, or rotting, bases of yuccas, a treelike plant that grows in dry areas.

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