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Iguanas Anoles and Relatives: Iguanidae - Physical Characteristics

iguanids tail body colors

Iguanids (ee-GWA-nids) range in size from 4 to 72 inches (10 centimeters to 2 meters). They have many different body types. There are, for example, the squat, toadlike horned lizards small enough to fit in the palm of a hand; the slim, long-tailed anoles (uh-NOH-lees); and the large marine iguanas. A typical iguanid has a long tail and four legs, with five-clawed toes on each leg. Some have body colors or body patterns that match their surroundings. They may display bright colors during the mating season. Some iguanids have scales, throat fans, crests along the back, and fringes on the toes. Certain iguanids have the ability to lose the tail or part of the tail, to distract or fool a predator (PREH-duh-ter), an animal that hunts them for food. Their teeth are placed in grooves within the jaw, rather than in sockets, or holes.

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