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Kerala Caecilians: Uraeotyphylidae - Red Caecilian (uraeotyphlus Oxyurus): Species Account

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Physical characteristics: Red caecilians have a somewhat thick body and are 7 to 12 inches (18 to 30 centimeters) long. They are solid dark bluish gray and slightly paler on the belly. Red caecilians have 98 to 107 rings in the main set and 89 to 104 rings in the second set. They have a large number of scales in the ring folds.

Geographic range: Red caecilians live in Kerala, India.

Habitat: Red caecilians live in moist soil and forest floor litter in and near rainforests.

Diet: Scientists believe red caecilians eat earthworms and insects.

Kerala caecilians live in moist soil and leaf litter in rainforests and areas that have been cleared of trees within the rainforest region. (Illustration by John Megahan. Reproduced by permission.)

Behavior and reproduction: Scientists believe red caecilians are burrowers. They are not sure how these caecilians mate. The larvae go through metamorphosis when they are about 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) long.

Red caecilians and people: Red caecilians have no known importance to people.

Conservation status: Red caecilians are not considered threatened or endangered. ∎



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