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Chevrotains: Tragulidae - Physical Characteristics

brown teeth thick tiny

Chevrotains look like tiny hornless deer with small heads, tapered snouts, skinny legs, and thick bodies. From head to rump, they measure 17 to 19 inches (44 to 85 centimeters), and they weigh 4.4 to 29 pounds (2 to 13 kilograms). Their backs are rounded and somewhat higher toward their rear ends, like the backs of rats. Their ears are tiny and covered with hair, which is short and thick over their entire body. The coat is reddish brown to brown with patterns of white and brown spots and stripes on various areas, depending on the species. Males have tusk-like teeth on top, but females have small, cone-shaped canines, teeth on either side of the four front teeth with one set on each jaw. Chevrotains have three fully developed stomach chambers, which allows for efficient digestion. Each foot has four toes.

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