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Odd-Toed Ungulates: Perissodactyla - Perissodactyla And People

rhinos hunted cross horns

Humans are largely responsible for adversely (negatively) affecting the perissodactyl populations. Tapirs and rhinos have been relentlessly hunted for food and sport, as well as for their skins, which are used to produce high quality leather goods. Rhinos are illegally hunted for their horns and other body parts, which are used in Asian medicine, supposedly to relieve headaches, heart and liver trouble, and skin disease. Horns are also used to make dagger handles. Horses are the least affected by human activity, and it wasn't until about four thousand years ago that they were first domesticated for use as transportation. Since that time, cross-breeding has become common. A mule, for example, is a cross between a male donkey and a female horse.

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