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Dugong and Sea Cow: Dugongidae - Behavior And Reproduction

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Dugongs are semi-social and can be found in units that include the mother and her most recent calf. These pairs have been known to live together in herds of up to hundreds when sea grass is abundant. Not much is known about Steller's sea cow behavior or reproduction.

Female dugongs give birth every three to seven years. The typical pregnancy, which lasts for about one year, usually results in the birth of one calf; twins are rare. The female provides all care for the calf, and nurses, feeds with the mother's milk, until eighteen months to two years of age. Georg Wilhelm Steller, a naturalist and physician who was responsible for the first recorded observations of the sea cow, reported seeing calves year-round, which suggests that mating occurred any time of year. According to Steller's accounts, only single calves were born after a gestation period, pregnancy, of around one year, possibly longer.


Shark Bay, Australia has a dugong population estimated at ten thousand to fifteen thousand. Dugongs seasonally migrate to the warmer waters off Australia's coast. Tiger sharks prey on dugongs and recognize their migration pattern. As the dugongs migrate, so do the tiger sharks.

Dr. Aaron Wirsing of th e Behavioral Ecology Research Group at Simon Fraser University studied the dugong-tiger shark relationship. Wirsing determined that Shark Bay has an abundance of sea grass and dugongs may spend more time there because the sea grass allows dugongs to escape sharks more easily.

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Hey, no disrespect. But I am a junior in high school and I have a project due soon on the steller's sea cow. Yes, I'm well aware this marvelous creature is no longer here on earth but I came here for information about their reproduction system and found none. please, If you can.. inform not only me but others about these creatures.

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