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Baiji: Lipotidae - Baiji And People

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The baiji is very shy and has little interaction with humans. The presence of humans has made a major disturbance in the life of baijis. Chemical pollution, accidents, hunting, and habitat loss are all reasons for the decline in its numbers. Another large problem is the number of dams located along the Yangtze River. These dams alter the water level and flow of the current along the river and block fish migration. They also separate and isolate groups of baiji.

Propellers interfere with the dolphin's use of echolocation. Baijis often get confused and run into boats, hurting themselves. They can also be accidentally hooked or netted by fishermen. Many scientists believe that there are only a few dozen of these animals left in the world today. The baiji is the world's most endangered cetacean. There are no baijis held in captivity. Both a male and female who had been hurt and taken into captivity in different locations died.

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