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Raccoons and Relatives: Procyonidae - Physical Characteristics

procyonids toes pounds ringtail

Procyonids (members of the Procyonidae family) range in size from the ringtail, at 2 pounds (1 kilogram), to the northern raccoon, at 35 pounds (16 kilograms). Most have a rounded head. The erect ears may be rounded or pointed. The snout may be short or long. Except for kinkajous, procyonids have long tails with alternating dark and light rings. In the kinkajou, the ringless tail is prehensile, able to grab on to tree branches. Fur coloration ranges from pale yellowish gray (ringtail) to reddish brown (red panda) to grayish black (white-nosed coati [kuh-WAH-tee]). Most have facial markings. Each paw has five toes with short, recurved claws, or claws that curve back. Procyonids are generally plantigrade, walking on the heels and soles of their feet instead of on their toes.

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