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Land and Marine Carnivores: Carnivora - Carnivores And People

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The relationship between carnivores and humans is complex. Humans have domesticated the wolf and wild cats and made them house pets. In addition, humans have trained dogs to perform certain tasks. Collies help herd sheep, German shepherds serve as seeing-eye dogs, beagles sniff for drugs at airports, and bloodhounds help locate missing people.

Humans and carnivores have historically had conflicting interests. Thousands of years ago, early humans and carnivores competed for food. Today, carnivores in the wild continue to prey on domesticated animals, even attacking and killing some humans. Humans who feel threatened by carnivores resort to poisoning, trapping, and shooting, leading to the extinction of certain species. Some carnivores are also hunted for their fur, meat, and body parts, resulting in declining populations.

Certain government agencies and private organizations around the world have established programs to try to save the threatened species. Millions of dollars and plenty of human effort have been devoted to the conservation and protection of endangered species.

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