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Dwarf Lemurs and Mouse Lemurs: Cheirogaleidae - Physical Characteristics

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Dwarf lemurs and mouse lemurs are the smallest lemurs. The pygmy mouse lemur weighs just one ounce (30 grams). The largest of these lemurs is the fork-crowned lemur, weighing 16.5 ounces (460 grams), or about a pound. The head and body length of dwarf and mouse lemurs ranges from 4.9 to 10.8 inches (12.5 to 27.4 centimeters), depending on species. Tail length is about as long as total body length.

Dwarf and mouse lemurs have large ears and large, mirror-like eyes set close together. They have excellent night vision. Depending on where they live, these lemurs may have grayish hair or reddish brown hair. Their underbody hair is much lighter, sometimes whitish or yellowish brown. Body hair is soft, thick, and woolly.

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