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Tenrecs: Tenrecidae - Physical Characteristics

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Rat- or shrew-like in general appearance, tenrecs vary greatly in body size, tail length, and color. One of the most consistent features is the long, pointy snout that is typically adorned with long whiskers. The smallest tenrecs have head and body lengths of just 2 inches (5.5 centimeters) and weights of 0.14 ounces (4 grams), while the largest can reach 14 inches (35.7 centimeters) and weigh up to 44 pounds (2 kilograms). Tails vary from tiny, unnoticeable stubs to long and very obvious structures stretching up to three times the length of the body. Some species have soft yellow to brown fur, and a few have vivid black-and-white or yellow-and-black fur patterns. Adults in several species have sharp spines that are quite effective in thwarting attacks by would-be predators. Some youngsters, like the common tenrec, have blunt spines that produce a sound when rubbed together.

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