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Pacific Giant Salamanders: Dicamptodontidae - Physical Characteristics, Geographic Range, Diet, Behavior And Reproduction, Conservation Status, Coastal Giant Salamander (dicamptodon Tenebrosus): Species Account - HABITAT, PACIFIC GIANT SALAMANDERS AND PEO

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Pacific giant salamanders live in wooded areas that have clear streams for larvae. Most of these salamanders live in coniferous woodlands, or those covered with trees that bear their seeds inside cones. These salamanders do especially well in areas with Douglas firs and redwoods. Adult Pacific giant salamanders live under rocks or logs. The larvae usually live in small, trout-free streams, but larger larvae may live in rivers and small lakes.

Pacific giant salamanders are rarely seen by humans, but the rare encounters are remarkable because the animals are impressively large and do not try to escape unless someone pokes them or tries to pick them up. Sometimes people find adult Pacific giant salamanders on the floors of dense coniferous forests during light rains. At other times the larvae are caught on hook and line by people who are fishing.

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