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Possums and Cuscuses: Phalangeridae - Ground Cuscus (phalanger Gymnotis): Species Accounts

guinea trees burrows rainforest

Physical characteristics: The ground cuscus has fur that is light to dark gray with a stripe down its back.

Geographic range: This cuscus is found in New Guinea and the Aru Islands.

Habitat: This animal lives in the rainforest from sea level to 8,900 feet (2,700 meters).

Diet: The ground cuscus eats mostly fruit, but will also eat leaves and sometimes insects and small vertebrates (animals with a backbone).

Behavior and reproduction: This is the only cuscus that sleeps in underground burrows and moves along the rainforest floor. Its The ground cuscus is the only cuscus that commonly lives in a burrow in the ground. (Illustration by Bruce Worden. Reproduced by permission.) burrows are usually under trees, along streams, or in caves. The ground cuscus is active at night and searches for food on the ground and in trees. The young leave their mother's pouch five to seven months after birth.

Ground cuscuses and people: These cuscuses are hunted throughout New Guinea, and are important figures in local folklore in some areas.

Conservation status: The ground cuscus is common in many parts of New Guinea, and is probably not threatened. ∎

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