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Salamanders And Newts: Caudata - Habitat

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Salamanders live in cool, damp places. Most live on land, some live in water, and some move between water and land. Salamanders live in areas ranging from northern forests to tropical rainforests and from sea level to high mountains. Some salamanders live in trees, and some live in caves. Salamanders that live on land often spend long periods in underground burrows, especially when they are not breeding and during cold winters and dry summers.


Many people confuse salamanders and lizards. In the southern parts of the United States, salamanders often are called "spring lizards." Salamanders are amphibians, but lizards are reptiles. Salamanders have smooth, moist skin, but lizards have dry, scaly skin. Salamanders have rounded toes, but lizards have claws.

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almost 11 years ago

I found a very small something....we think it is a very small salamander. I found it in a creek. We decided to keep it..

I bought it some newt/salamander food at the pet store and put it and the salamander in a little aquarium with mostly water and a little peice of wood...I dont know exactly how to take care of the salamander thingy's needs if I dont know what they are...can u help? P.S.- this salamander is not even an inch long...its very little..almost an inch but not yet!!