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Madagascaran Toadlets: Scaphiophrynidae - Habitat

frog rain live dry

Madagascaran toadlets live in many areas of Madagascar from low areas at sea level to slopes up to 6,600 feet (2,000 meters) above sea level. Although the tadpoles of all species are found in the still waters of swamps and pools of water that dry up later in the year, the adults live in a variety of different habitats. Some, like the brown rain frog and the red rain frog, prefer hot, dry places in the western and southern regions of the country. The red rain frog spends the daytime hours under stones scattered along the ground of rather humid forests that cover slopes and canyons in the dry area. Other members of this family live in much colder places high on mountains where even the trees do not survive. These frogs, including the Madagascar rain frog, which is also known as the green rain frog, exist in grassland habitats. Rainforests, on the other hand, are the surroundings for the green burrowing frog and the web-foot frog. The web-foot frog, for instance, usually stays among fallen, rotting, and damp leaves lying on the forest floor.

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