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Springtails: Collembola - Springtails And People

water surface pests live

Springtails found in homes are often considered pests, but they do not cause any harm. A few plant-feeding or fungus-feeding species may become pests, damaging alfalfa crops and commercially grown mushrooms. Many springtails play an important role in the environment by breaking down and recycling dead plant materials. They are most commonly encountered in the garden under stones or in compost. Springtails swarming on snow are called "snow fleas."


Some springtails live on the surfaces of still ponds, lakes, and tide pools. Their dark blue or reddish brown bodies are covered with a waxy, waterproof coating that allows them to live on the surface of the water without getting wet or sinking. Sometimes they gather by the hundreds or thousands, and, in such a group, they resemble velvety mats on the water's surface. However, they do not lay their eggs on the water and must return to land to reproduce.

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about 8 years ago

I am a disabled male who worked heavy equipment construction untill I was disabled. I was just informed what I thought were fleas were in fact 'spring tails'.I've survived a perforated intestine, 'widow maker' heart attack, broke 7 vertebrae- in short- "Been through the mill"-but NOTHING gives me the 'willy's' more than creepy crawler's-I guess because I associate them w/being 'unclean'-Just wanted to know if there are other " Brave Folks " that get the 'heebee-geebees' over a creepy crawler like I do?