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Lizardfishes and Relatives: Aulopiformes - Longnose Lancetfish (alepisaurus Ferox): Species Accounts

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Physical characteristics: Longnose lancetfish have a long, thin body with a very long and high dorsal fin. These fish reach a length of more than 7 feet (2 meters). The mouth is large and has two fangs. The body is pale silver or shiny white or cream but is darker along the back and upper sides. At times the color has hints of light blue, green, or red. The fins are brown or black. Longnose lancetfish do not have a swim bladder, or internal sac that fishes use to control their position in the water.

Geographic range: Longnose lancetfish live in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Habitat: Longnose lancetfish live in open water from the surface to the middle depths, depending on the time of day. They sometimes swim near the shore.

Longnose lancetfish live in open water from the surface to the middle depths, depending on the time of day. (Illustration by Patricia Ferrer. Reproduced by permission.)

Diet: Longnose lancetfish eat invertebrates (in-VER-teh-brehts), or animals without a backbone, such as squid and shrimp, and fishes. They also eat bottom-dwelling animals such as sea squirts.

Behavior and reproduction: Scientists do not know much about the behavior and reproduction of longnose lancetfish. These fish probably produce eggs in open water, and the larvae (LAR-vee) or young live in open water.

Longnose lancetfish and people: Longnose lancetfish are caught accidentally with other fishes but are not valued as a food fish.

Conservation status: Longnose lancetfish are not threatened or endangered. ∎

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