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Copepods: Copepoda - Behavior And Reproduction

nauplius female water appendages

Many free-living copepods gather food from the water by using their antennae and maxillipeds. The swimming movements of these appendages help to create a flow of food-carrying water toward their mouths.

Both male and female copepods are required for reproduction. Males locate females by following their pheromone trails in the water. Pheromones (FEH-re-moans) are chemicals that attract members of the same species. Males place a single sperm packet on the female's abdomen. The sperm escapes the packet, enters the female's body through the opening of her reproductive system, and is stored in special sacs. The fertilized eggs are usually carried in a pair of sacs attached to the abdomen.

The newly hatched nauplius (NAH-plee-us) larva does not resemble the adult. Nauplius larvae do not feed and have only antennae and mouthparts for appendages. They use these appendages for swimming. The nauplius molts, or sheds its external skeleton (exoskeleton), six times before reaching a larval stage that resembles the adult. This stage must molt five times before reaching adulthood. In parasitic species, the development of the nauplius larva is much shorter, if it exists at all.

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