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Amero-Australian Treefrogs: Hylidae - Diet

eat animals

Amero-Australian treefrogs hunt by ambush, which means that they sit still, wait for a creature to wander by, and then quickly nab it and eat it. The majority of the treefrogs eat only arthropods (AR-throe-pawds), which are insects, spiders, and other animals that have no backbones, but have jointed legs. An animal without a backbone is called an invertebrate (in-VER-teh-breht). A few treefrogs are especially picky eaters. The greater hatchet-faced treefrog, for instance, is a small, green frog that usually only eats ants. Some of the treefrogs, such as the Sumaco horned treefrog, have large heads and large mouths and are able to grab and swallow larger animals, including small lizards and frogs.

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