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Secernenteans: Secernentea - Secernenteans And People

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Parasitic secernenteans cause disease and death in people, their food animals, their pets, and their crops. On the other hand, secernenteans that are not parasites are important to the health and survival of humans because they help keep soil healthy.


Are there 60 families of secernenteans or 89 or a number in-between? On the basis of the number of species found and studied so far—about eight thousand—scientists believe a huge number of species have yet to be discovered. Until they know more about the worms, scientists are not ready to assign them to a particular group.


One dog can be infected with 25 to 100 heartworms. The heart swells, and lung, liver, and kidney damage can occur. Drugs and surgery are used to remove the worms from an infected dog. People can protect their pets by giving them medication regularly to prevent heartworm.

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