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Comb Jellies: Ctenophora - Physical Characteristics

covered consists body rows

The body of a comb jelly consists of two clear tissue layers that enclose a jellylike layer. Comb jellies can be as small as a berry or long and ribbon shaped. The outside of the body is covered with eight rows of short fibers that look like the teeth of a comb. The combs are used for swimming and emit flashes of light. Comb jellies have tentacles that do not have stingers but are covered with sticky structures used to capture prey. These animals have a balancing organ that consists of a hard center covered with hairlike fibers. This organ is attached to the comb rows. The digestive system has two openings, but elimination of waste out the anus (AY-nuhs) is rare. Defecation of undigested material occurs primarily through the mouth.

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