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Thrashers and Mockingbirds: Mimidae - Thrashers, Mockingbirds, And People

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Because of their interesting and often melodic songs and ability to mimic the calls of other birds and other environmental noises, many people enjoy having mimids nearby. However, The birds are very territorial and defend their nestlings vigorously. Some mockingbirds and gray catbirds have been known to attack people when threatened.


An amazing mimic, the mockingbird is able to imitate the songs of dozens of other bird species and incorporate them into his own call. They also mimic natural sounds around them, such as the croak of a frog or the chirp of a cricket. And mockingbirds kept as pets can repeat human and household noises, such as the ringing of a phone. The birds were popular pets in the nineteenth century. President Thomas Jefferson had one that he reportedly let fly around the White House on occasion.

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