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Plantcutters: Phytotomidae - Behavior And Reproduction

family bird genus cotinga

Unlike the majority of vegetarian birds, whose biology demands that they conserve energy to compensate for their low-calorie diet, plantcutters are energetic and lively. They patrol their territories throughout the day, looking for new food sources and invaders.

The reproductive life of the plantcutter species remains something of a mystery to ornithologists, although we know that the females lay two to four eggs in a loosely constructed nest.


Bird scientists have long debated exactly where the plantcutter belongs in the classification of all organisms. Some experts insist that the bird represents a distinct genus within the cotinga family, while others believe it forms a genus in a cotinga subfamily within the tyrant flycatcher family. Ongoing ornithological, bird science, studies hope to bring a definitive answer to the question soon.

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