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New Zealand Wrens: Acanthisittidae - Physical Characteristics, Behavior And Reproduction, New Zealand Wrens And People, Rifleman (acanthisitta Chloris): Species Account - GEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, DIET, CONSERVATION STATUS

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RIFLEMAN (Acanthisitta chloris): SPECIES ACCOUNT

New Zealand wrens are found on the North and South Islands, and some of the other surrounding islands of New Zealand.

New Zealand wrens are found in forests, beech forests, scrublands, and alpine, high mountain, areas, especially when large amounts of insects are available. They are usually found from sea level to 1,150 feet (350 meters) in elevation.

The diet of New Zealand wrens consists mostly of insects. They forage, search for food, alone, as a bonded male and female couple, or as a family group. They forage by crawling along the bark of trees and among the leafy parts of trees in search of insects and small arthropods, invertebrate animals (animals without backbones) with jointed limbs. They sometimes forage on the ground.

Two species of New Zealand wrens are listed as Extinct, no longer existing. The two remaining species are fairly common and protected by laws.

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